About Us

Central Ohio Behavioral Medicine was founded in 1997. From the beginning, our singular goal has been to provide the finest care possible to the residents of Columbus, Ohio and her sister communities.

We recognize the critical importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of depression, anxiety and other emotional conditions. Our practice is composed of psychiatrists with decades of combined expertise in treating a wide variety of emotional conditions and life problems.

From the start, we recognized the value of spending more time with our patients. A foundational principle of the practice was to allow for that time, especially as it related to prescribing clinicians. As a result, the psychiatrists of COBM will never seen more than two patients per hour.

At COBM, you will get the time you need – to be heard, to heal and to start enjoying life again. That is our commitment to you

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Comprehensive Psychiatric
Evaluation of Adolescents and Adults

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